The company has been always involved with the community and wildlife of each of the ranches in Argentina. From the beginning up to now, the Family has always support to educational and healthy programs in each of the province where the ranches where establish (Misiones, Buenos Aires, La Pampa, San Luis, Chaco).


"We want to be more than a space in your trophy room. We want to have a space in your heart and be part of the anecdotes you share with friends and family."




The family has contribute with different charity foundation such as: Conin , Valores para Crecer, La Chocleada, Alvarado, Haciendo Caminos Leer, Conciencia, Caritas Argentina, Medicos sin Frontera, Sales, Aldeas Infantiles, Pequeño Cotolengo Don Orione among others.

In 1907, Don Juan Harriet, then barely 19, became independent of his family and started off towards Patagonia to buy cattle from the Araucano indians, who  descended from  the chieftain Sayhueque. He set out from Viedma with two friends, six farmhands and sixty horses. They covered 1,200 km up to the source of the Senguer river, on the foothills of the Andes, in the current province of Chubut.
Dealings with the indians were far from easy. In addition to their natural distrust, a long history of mutual betrayal and broken agreements between them and white men had  to  be  overcome.  Don Juan  eventually  managed  to earn their respect due to his superior riding skills and his remarkable talent with the lasso, and from then on, a trusting,  durable association was established among them.  Harriet purchased 5,000 heads of cattle and 50,000 sheep from the indians. They were taken in successive drives to General Roca, which was the farthest the railway tracks reached to the South at the time.
Those  adventurous  times  were  the  initiation  of that remarkable, enterprising man. In the early days of the Harriet firm, Caichue was one of the estancias selected for stockbreeding, due to its vast proportions and its valued natural  pastures, as well as the wild beauty of the landscape. “Caichue”, the Ranquel indian name for the land, means “cleansing waters”.  They  chose it as one of the places to settle due to its lagoons, which were precious in the arid pampas. The Ranquel were fear some warriors on horseback, skillful with the spear and the bolas. They were outstanding hunters of pumas, Pampas deer, rheas and guanacos.
Nowadays,  Harriet’s  daughters Susan, Martha and his grandsons Lorenzo and Martín manage and operate the preserve. Harriet’s great-grandchildren are taking their first steps at the firm, continuing the legacy of work and love of the country instilled into the family by the great visionary.



Caichue is an authentic hunting lodge situated in a cattle ranch at the heart of the Argentine "pampas". Its vast extension of more than 85.000 acres and its diversity of enviroments and species are the ideal frame for those who seek to live an incredible hunting experience and share unique moments with friends.



Hunting in Argentina
Hunting in Argentina
Hunting in Argentina
Hunting in Argentina